The tragedy struck on December 29, 2011 at 2 a.m. in Ankara, Turkey. The hangar, where circus animal were kept had quickly filled with the smoke from malfunctioning electric wiring. Nine bears died of smoke inhalation. The sole survivor, Himalayan bear Maya, died 5 days later. Those days when we lost the biggest part of our circus family will never be forgotten. Our ten bears will forever be in our hearts. We are dedicating this page to them.
We devoted this page to them


Dasha  Masha  Lusha

In 1993, a Himalayan bear named Maya was adopted in Vladivostok. Someone abandoned her on the steps of the circus on Easter. The Yarovois fell in love with this little cutie, and she became part of the family right away. She became the star of our show, performing many unique and hard tricks.

 Three European brown bears named Masha, Dasha, and Lusha were adopted in 1987 in Karelia-the beautiful region bordering Finland.

Katya  Vanya

The grizzly bears Katya and Vanya were adopted in St. Petersburg when they were two months old. They are very talented; Katya performed a very difficult trick called "The Ball". She could actually walk on a rolling ball both forward and backwards. Vanya was so smart that he started to perform on his own (with no trainer in sight) at the young age of two.

Aika  Roma

They became orphans at the young age of three weeks. With their eyes still closed, they needed their mother to survive. Their adoptive parents did everything imaginable to save the cubs. The newborns lived in the Yarovois’ house, and they treated them like their own babies, waking up every three hours to feed them. Aika got used to baby formula right away, but Roma got very sick and his heart stopped. Thanks to the efforts of the St. Petersburg circus veterinarians, under the leadership of Evgeny Sibgatulin, Roma survived, and the Yarovois nurtured him to health. Aika was named after Anton's sister. She grew up sly and playful.

Alena  Egor

 In 2011 we adopted two Himalayan bear cubs: a brother and a sister. They were delivered by Dmitry Mezentsev, a Safari-park director, who had made a 9364 km (5818 miles) trip from Vladivostok to Moscow just to bring the bear cubs to us. Being raised in our house, Alena and Egor had become so domesticated that they literally became our pets. Our friends, colleagues and even strangers liked to play with them.

Days before the tragedy in Ankara, Turkey.

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