Aika Antoshka

Anton and Aika were born at the beginning of January, 2012. They were abandoned (most likely by hunters) in the car of the director of Abakan Zoo in Siberia. Zoo technician Vera Vasilievna nurtured them to health and brought them to Moscow, covering a distance of 4450 km (2678 miles) from Siberia to the Capital of Russia. When bear cubs were almost three months old, Aika started to walk, while Anton couldn't get up on his feet: he just helplessly lied down with his paws spread on the floor, like a little star. Alarmed we rushed him to veterinarians, who revealed to us the hopeless diagnosis: hip displasia, and suggested to euthanize our little cub. But we just could not do it. We asked the doctor of osteopathic medicine, Dr. Mishin, to have a look at Anton. It seemed like the bear cub trusted Dr. Mishin from the start: he was calm and relaxed, as if he understood that he is being helped and cured. It took just three weeks for Dr. Mishin to work a miracle: Anton raised to his feet and started to walk to the astonishment of our friends and colleagues at Kostroma Circus. Since his birth Anton became a favorite among our friends, who watch him closely to grow healthy and become our star performer.


Lusha Vanya

Lusha and Vanya were born on January 7, 2012 in Kaliningrad Zoo. We adopted them on March 15, 2012. They only weighed 3 kg (6.6 pounds)


Masha Dan

Masha and Dan were born on February 1, 2012 in Abakan Zoo (Siberia). We adopted them on April 9, 2012. At that time they weighed 10 kg (22 pounds). They were the youngest, but the biggest and wildest of all our cubs.

After a Year Of Training

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